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Windows with bent glass framed
by wood, metal, or vinyl sashes offer
a unique combination of stately design
and economical execution. Curved glass
adds new dimension to individual bay
windows or column arrangements with
its fluid looks and outward transparency.

Typical bent products used in windows include
insulating units assembled with heat-strengthened
or annealed glass, with the exception of those
instances where safety tempered or safety
laminated glass is required by the law, thermal
or mechanical loads, or applicable codes1.
Less prone to spontaneous breakage than
tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass
offers twice the strength but with fewer
shape possibilities than annealed glass
of the same thickness.

Ideas include bent glass with the antique
reproduction appearance of our flat seeded
annealed glass, insulating space argon gas
fills, self-cleaning or energy saving
low-emissivity coatings.

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