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Company Overview

Curved glass is no longer experimental. Thanks to advances
in technology, custom bent glass is bringing form and function
to the designs of tomorrow, and shaping a new potential for
glass applications.

After years of continuous development, Precision Glass Bending
eliminated all the old limitations with patented methods, proprietary
software, and space-age machinery, all backed by the experience
of a team of industry experts.

• Quality that meets or exceeds the best in corresponding flat glass
• Flexible production for truly custom glass, one piece or thousands
• Bent glass nearly as affordable as flat glass, even in tempered
• Fast turnarounds and prompt on schedule deliveries

From next generation skyscrapers and airports to modern
homes, we supply bent glass that achieves wonderful results.

"An economical product, tens of thousands of shape choices,
millions of fabrication options and your creativity - still thinking in flat?"

Precision Glass Bending Corporation • PO Box 1970, 3811 Hwy 10 West • Greenwood, AR 72936 • USA
Tel: (800) 543-8796 or (479) 996-8065 • Fax: (800) 543-8798 or (479) 996-8962 • sales@e-bentglass.com
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