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An advanced ‘cold-cure’ resin is used to form a resilient interlayer that bonds like pieces of bent annealed, heat-strengthened, or tempered glass as plies in a cohesive assembly. While retaining the strength of the component glass, the resulting bent laminated glass resists the transmission of sound and ultraviolet light, and if broken, minimizes the risk of injury by broken glass fragments and tends to remain integral with its frame. Assemblies using plies of heat-strengthened glass offer twice the strength but fewer shape possibilities than annealed plies of the same thickness.

This product begins as flat glass commonly selected from the broad range of commercial float products including clear, ultra clarity low-iron, grays, bronzes, greens, and blues. The surface may have a reflective, low-e, self-cleaning, or other pyrolitic coating. Specific colors and coatings are often known simply by the brand names assigned by primary glass manufacturers8. We also process patterned, stained, cast, glue-chip, ground, and acid-etched glass. These flat sheets are CNC fabricated and then undergo the complex processes to create annealed, heat-strengthened, or tempered bent glass2. Matching products may then be permanently assembled as glass plies bonded by a lamination interlayer to create bent laminated glass10.

We offer bent laminated glass in 9/32” thickness assemblies and up5. The interlayers available include .080, .060 (minimum if assembling tempered or heat-strengthened glass), .040, & .030 thick, with options for colors, rice paper, hurricane or security resistance, and sealed sandblasting. Other options include shape cuts, holes, notches, cutouts, and edge finishes such as seamed (sanded), arris flat polished, or flat ground. We prefer no more than two sides of our bent laminated glass be polished and exposed.


The bent laminated glass possible includes that within the broad range of sizes and radii referenced in the capabilities table1. The table also references special capabilities for jumbo sizes, tight radii, and bends over 90 (quarter circle) to as large as 180 degrees (half circle). Adjoining individual pieces with different radii, reverse installations, and flat glass allow the creation of unique shapes6. The table lists
a few of the possible assemblies of glass plies and interlayer used
to create bent laminated product.




How to Measure: Capabilities Table:
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Our bent laminated glass conforms to the applicable criteria of ASTM C1464, as it relates to resin C1172, C1036, and as it relates to heat-strengthened or tempered glass used in the laminated assembly C1048. Our laminated glass is the subject of a written ten-year warranty statement4.

IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise acknowledged in writing, glass certified as laminated is assembled with a Glasslam VRE117® *OR* a Zircon Astrocure 10G (1000G)®
interlayer. Laminated glass must ONLY be installed using compatible glazing materials as approved by the manufacturer of the respective interlayer material. All edges of our laminated glass MUST BE CAPTURED in framing with a minimum 5/16-inch bite except for edges specifically acknowledged as exposed.

WARNING: Laminated glass meeting the requirements of CPSC 16 CFR 1201
and ANSI Z97.1-1984 is defined as a SAFETY GLASS PRODUCT for architectural safety glazing in the United States of America. Only glass fabricated by Precision Glass Bending, and issued with an individual permanent logo or certificate stating it has been laminated in conformance with these requirements, is certified to be laminated with the category I & II safety designation. Laminated glass assembled with plies of annealed glass must NEVER be used in those instances where plies of heat-strengthened or tempered glass are required by the law, thermal or mechanical loads, or applicable codes. Only plies fabricated by Precision Glass Bending, and issued with an individual permanent logo or certificate stating they have been heat-strengthened or tempered, are certified to be heat-strengthened or tempered glass. All laminated glass assembled with plies of heat-strengthened or tempered glass can experience spontaneous breakage, though plies of heat-strengthened glass are less prone.

VRE117 is a trademark of Glasslam NGI, Inc. Astrocure 10G (1000G) is a trademark of the Zircon Corporation.