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Glass Engineer Richard ‘Ashley’ Alder founded Precision Glass Bending in 1993, bringing thirty years of industry experience to his vision for a next century company focused on the potential of glass with shape. A natural hands-on innovator, his extensive glass technology background combined with a strict work ethic has forged a capable and highly efficient production regime. The oldest of his four sons, Russ Alder, joined the company in 1996 beginning a third generation of family commitment to the glass industry. Russ brought an Asian Studies and Economics degree from Australia and core skills in software, communications, and international business. He leads an administrative team with diverse talents that complement the core competency in production.

Drawing upon the management strength of three successive generations of glassmaking in Europe and the United States, the company has expanded by combining impeccable quality, affordable pricing, flexible custom production, and fast ‘no hassle’ delivery. The upshots of continuous development, these achievements are the result of patented methods, proprietary software, space-age equipment, and the care and dedication of a professional manufacturing team. Indeed, the results attained by the team have earned the company a worldwide reputation for excellence and leadership in bent safety glass technologies.

Allen Alder began the family commitment to glass now in its third generation. Upon return from distinguished service in India during the Second World War, Allen took a partnership in the glass firm Hartley Wood & Sons in Sunderland, England. An English gentleman, his strong leadership and character transformed this venerable manufacturer into a globally trusted name for fine handmade glass. The elegant antique glass produced by the company can be seen in many British historical sites including Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the House of Commons.

Allen’s sons, Ashley and Nigel, joined their father in the glass industry. Ashley brought an engineering degree in glass technology from Sheffield University. The two sons infused the artisan heritage of the company with new technologies, a strategy rewarded by a two-year order backlog and a Queen’s award for export success. Allen retired in 1982 following outright purchase of the company by the Pilkington Group. Ashley immigrated with his family to the United States to seek new opportunities in the American glass industry. Nigel remains active in the British glass industry.

Hartley-Wood Brochure:
Finest English Antique Glass
Hartley-Wood Brochure:
English Antique Glass
Hartley-Wood Brochure:
Glass Experience
Hartley-Woods Brochure: Finest English Antique Glass.PDF
Hartley-Woods Brochure: English Antique Glass.PDF
Hartley-Woods Brochure: Glass Experience.PDF