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Custom Auto Sidelites

Custom bent glass can be used to create special automotive sidelites
to fulfill unique aesthetic or functional requirements. Such custom auto
sidelites may be required in low volume for prototypes, difficult-to-find
repair pieces, aftermarket conversions, or specialty distributor inventories.

Typical bent products used in custom automotive sidelites,
where a special property such as bullet resistance is not required,
include single glazed pieces of automotive safety tempered glass1.
This product offers a high strength-to-thickness ratio, but has in the
past often been limited to longer runs of a given specification when
compared to the availability of single pieces of laminated glass.
However, more flexible technologies have increasingly encouraged
lower volume production, even as single pieces.

Ideas include bent glass with holes for attachments,
silkscreen ceramic frit, and tinted substrates such
as greens and grays.

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