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Curtain Wall

Curtain wall is enhanced by the undulating form and utility
of bent glass that makes possible true organic, cylindrical,
and serpentine exteriors. Vertical glazed bent glass
expands the panorama of outside views and adds
dimension to interior spaces.

Typical bent products used in curtain wall include
insulating units assembled with heat-strengthened
or annealed glass, with the exception of those
instances where safety tempered or safety
laminated glass is required by the law,
thermal or mechanical loads, or applicable
codes1. Less prone to spontaneous breakage
than tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass
offers twice the strength but with fewer
shape possibilities than annealed glass
of the same thickness.

Ideas include bent glass with reflective,
self-cleaning, or energy saving low-emissivity
coatings. We also offer spandrel panels3
made using heat-strengthened or tempered
glass coated on a non-exterior surface with
solid ceramic frit or fallout resistant
silicone spray.

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